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1st Qtr. 2011





"All the Nudes that's Fit to Print"

Dinner Out


Dinner at Fishbones


Oh! Ye who have loved to look into a beautiful fish tank missed joining the eleven members who enjoyed being inside the fish tank décor of Captains Fishbones Seafood Grill. 

Dining, one of the wonderful past times comes close to not having cloths on as one of our great passions. Only one could be fulfilled Saturday night. The food and company of the Sanibel Na­turists members is always superb.

Prime rib- very reasonably priced, grouper very large portions, wonderful meatloaf with hushpup­pies, shrimp (to think that some of there friends might have been used a bait). Those who had the various kinds of shrimp kept looking around to reconfirm that all of the trophy fish on the walls were not looking at the delicious shrimp on there plates.

The waitress Tony funny and very thorough made sure that those who ordered the prime rib, they were running out of that entrée, got what was ordered. Drinks are always part of a delicious meal came with speed and efficiency. What Tony did; that is usually not done when the bills for the meal were place in front of each of us, reminded the group that the house added 18% to the bill so extra tipping would be nice but not expected.

When the next dinner out is scheduled more members as always are welcome. Possibly even some one who has a pool (hot tub) so after dinner the club can enjoy the other passion, and it is not the eating.






Christmas  Party
December 2010


Ho Ho Ho
Once again the Sanibel Naturists assembled for a Merry get together. And once again, this party had everything a Christmas Party should have – lots of Merry Makers, lots of good food and beverages, lots of talking and laughing, charming hosts, and of course a Christmas Tree, Santa and Gifts. We even had some ―extras‖ – gift baskets, a beautiful Florida day, a hot tub and a warm pool. And, when the day started to cool, Dennis lit a warm fire in the chiminea on the patio.

We had a really good time at the Christmas party. There is always something special about a party at Dennis and Gail’s home. It may have something to do with the warmth of the host and hostess and their joyful personalities.

It was great to see some of our friends from far away places, all of which seem to be north‖ of here, even as far north as Alaska, as well as our local friends.

Susan did a beautiful job of assembling a number of gift baskets filled with club merchandise and other nice ―goodies.‖ We were able to place bids on the baskets during the party and by evening’s end each of the baskets had found a good home.

We held a 50/50 drawing to benefit the Harry Chapin Food Bank. John won the drawing and, in the spirit of Christmas, contributed his 50% to the Food Bank.

Santa must have heard about the good time we were having because suddenly we began receiving gifts. Actually, we were able to select our own gifts – either an unopened one from under the tree or we could ―swipe‖ one from someone else and the person losing a gift got to pick a new one. There were a few ―favorite‖ gifts which changed hands a few times but somehow everyone ended up with a gift of their own when we were finished. We ended up with a bottle of my favorite drink and a beautiful silver Christmas decoration, with many tea candles, which I will enjoy looking at for many seasons to come.

Thanks to Dennis and Gail for hosting another great party in their lovely home.





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