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"All the Nudes that's Fit to Print"

2010 Skinny Dip


AANR Skinny Dip - 2010

As was expected, the weather was perfect. John and Mary Kay were our hosts, and they had the pool surrounded by privacy curtains. Mary Kay introduced each arrive to those present so everyone would know each other. We sat around several large tables in the shade of the patio overlooking the cool, tempting water in the pool.

The Board Members held their meeting at one end of the patio, which was followed by the regular Quarterly Meeting. I’ll not go into details about the meeting, as you can read about the various reports, and discussions elsewhere in this Beachcomber. As soon as the meeting was over everyone headed for the food.

Mary Kay, her daughter, and John had prepared delicious baked breaded chicken as the main dish and baked beans. Other members brought: steamed broccoli, potato salad, deviled eggs, salad, brownies, and several other dishes that I have for­gotten. Plates were piled high with foods fit for a king. A casual observer would have thought everyone had not eaten any­thing in the last week by the way they went back for more. Our thanks, and gratitude to each of you that brought side dishes.

After the meal was over, socializing began again with some people getting into the pool to cool off, and other standing around talking. Everyone that wanted to be in the official photo to help set a new world record for the most skinny dippers in the water at the same time in America gathered in the water along one side of the pool. Our two witnesses remained out of the water doing a head count and taking the official photo for AANR. Trying to get a bunch of people to stand where they were all in the photo, and still be visible was like herding cats. Thanks to our intrepid photographer, it was finally accomplished. Twenty one Sanibel Naturists will be added to AANR’s official count for submission to the Guinness Book of World Records.

Once again everyew went back to discussing their interest, hobbies, and movies, until shortly after 5 PM, when one-by-one they began to depart for home, all expressing about the same sentiment which was basically, “too bad the others didn't’t come, this was a great party.”
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witches brew

October 30, 2010


Well, the Sanibel Naturists Annual Halloween Party went off without a hitch.  After months of planning, weeks of getting ready, days of decorating, and hours of suspense, Eight O’clock Saturday night finally arrived. 

After finding a place to park, it was a normal walk up to the entrance to the house.  However, half way down the entrance hung an ominous black curtain with a slit in it to pass through.   Once behind the curtain the lighting was blood red, and a sign on the door said to ring the door bell.  Without looking closely there appeared to be a dark spot on the wall adjacent to the door bell.  When looking at the door bell it became clear that there was a large poisonous spider posed to jump onto the hand of the bell ringer.  Quick reflexes were required to ring the bell without allowing time for the spider to jump onto the bell ringer.  A little creepy for some people.

The door opened and Mary Kay, the nice Witch of Fort Myers, gave each arriving guest a Treat bag prepared by Susan O., and assisted me in greeting the guests.  And, what a mixed bag of guests showed up.

There were: pirates, Caspar the ghost, a priest, school girl, two witches, a cowboy, biker girl, cave girl, ninja wannabe, a trogg, pumpkin girl, the headless horseman, a sultan, roman goddess, mob moll, swamp guide, roman senator, a harem girl, and a pimp.  The costumes were absolutely stunning.  You had to be there to see just how great they looked.

Once inside the house the costumed couples were led through a hall with a red-eyed ghoul watching them go into a room filled with horrible sights.  From the ceiling hung a dried up old goblin in a cage, a cauldron boiling with a poison liquid, and a demon hanging in a corner watching everybody as they got their official Halloween photo taken.

The decorations didn’t end at that room, they continued all through the house right out and into the pool area.  This area had the perfect party atmosphere.  It was illuminated by black lights making anything white, yellow, or orange glow brightly.  Some upbeat music was playing and the walls had Halloween posters all over them.  One thing that startled a few people was in the pool’s bathroom.  There about three inches away from the hanging roll of toilet paper was a large spider.  Creepy?  Well,  Yeah!

There were 19 people ready to have a good time living out their costume’s character for a short time.  We had 3 guests that thought our group was the best they had visited in a long time.

Everyone brought the finest finger foods for a feast.  There was salmon dip, crab dip, jalapeño dip, strawberries, grapes, star fruit, lemon cake, rum cake, brownies, and dill dip with bread, shrimp, devil eggs, and Jell-O shots.   After the party was over there was hardly any food left over, which meant that everyone brought the right kind of foods in the proper quantity.

A short time was spent socializing with each other, until it was announced that the pool was 94 degrees and open.  Just about everyone got into the pool for more conversation, and stayed there until the evening was almost over.  A couple of people got into the hot tub, but since the evening was so warm they didn’t stay in very long.

It was a great party, and before anyone realized it, it was midnight.  Their carriages started turning back into pumpkins, so one-by-one the party goers said their farewells, and departed.  The party was officially considered over at 1:15 AM.

My thanks to Susan O. and Mary Kay C. for all their help in making this party a success.  

It was a good thing the people showed up; otherwise I would have had to send the flying monkeys to get them.



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