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All website advertisers and content are subject to the Board of Directors approval.   All advertising is paid in advance for the Advertising Calendar Year (ACY).  The ACY starts on January 1st and ends on December 31st.    Website advertising starting during the ACY will be prorated for the remaining months of the ACY.  Advertisers in the Sanibel Naturists Beachcomber will receive their Beachcomber advertising cost, up to $110, as credit towards their website advertising cost, and will receive priority on advertising on the website.  
Advertising rates for the ACY are $120 for non-linking advertisements, and $180 for linking advertisements.   The non-linking rate applies to website advertisements that have contact information such as: mail address, email address, website address, and telephone number.   The linking rate is for advertisements that may have the same contact information, plus a direct link that will immediately transfer a viewer to another website.  Advertising will be horizontal banner style 580 pixels wide and 70 pixels high.  Advertisers may make changes to their advertisement up to 3 times during the ACY at a cost of $20 per time.

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